December   2020


We have a live date booked for 

next year hooray. Please book in 

advance if you can as this gives 

us an idea of your confidence to 

venture out to music venues by

Spring 2021 now that a Vaccine 

will be widely circulating through

the UK by that time.

We are also pleased to announce

that we will be playing at the

'Night of the Prog' Festival in

Loreley in Germany

Saturday 17th  July 2021  along

with Steve Hackett,Pendragon

 and many more great bands.

We have a few copies left from the 1st Vinyl LP pressing of 'No Fear of Looking Down'. 

These are available along with the Digipaks of 'More Than Meets The Eye 25',

'No Fear of Looking Down' and 'Medium Rare II'. 

          'Asleep in my Hands' - Live   De Boerderij.  11/2019.               'View from above' - Live  De Boerderij.   11/2019

Medium Rare II - CD Digipak

medium cover small .jpg

At last, 'Medium Rare II' is ready to order!

The Digipak CD is a collection of remixed, reworked, live versions, unreleased new tracks and a couple of covers. 


'Medium Rare II' is out now and can be ordered using the PayPal button below, please select your postal region.

  1. There's a light - recorded during our brief, yet very successful, return to gigging in 2018.

  2. Truth from the lies - a new unreleased track. 

  3. No sacrifice - edited and remixed with replayed drums and keyboards. 

  4. What kind of reason - remixed and edited version from 'Fanatic'.

  5. Standing still - remixed version from 'Photoplay'.

  6. Photoplay - a completely revamped, reworked and extended version of this instrumental from 'Photoplay', with the addition of drums and bass.

  7. Daylight fades - recorded live in 2018. 

  8. Hear us - end section - recorded live in 2018.

  9. Animated - a new unreleased instrumental track.

  10. Your own special way - a cover of the Genesis song from 'Wind & Wuthering'. Gary and Martin have been playing this at some of the recent house gigs.

  11. Comfortably numb - our take on the Pink Floyd classic, recorded at one of our garden gigs back in 2001. This is remastered from the 2001 'Alive Outside' CD.

See Right Through You - 2012

Physical CD available to buy below with free worldwide postage.


More Than Meets The Eye 25

Double CD available to buy below with PayPal.

No Fear of Looking Down - Vinyl

Vinyl available to buy below with PayPal. This limited edition 180g LP comes in a gatefold sleeve.