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The 5th studio album from Jadis. All songs are available to buy on Bandcamp at lossless CD quality.

The Bandcamp digital download features the bonus track 'The Flame Is Burning Out'.


Fanatic - Special Edition

'With this album you will hear a combination of upbeat tracks and some slower ones and all of them are chock full of guitar solos and rhythms - sometimes in Floydian style and sometimes with a rockier one.


There is such energy driving the opening track "The Great Outside" and "Into Temptation" , great examples of how good the guitar playing of Gary Chandler melted into the music, and also solid, inventive and interesting bass lines by John Jowitt. But this album also offers what you expect from neo prog band: soft / mellow music that increases into medium-heavy music, which is very much the case with "What Kind of Reason" . The music flows peacefully with some Floydian guitar style.


Some brilliant drumming by Steve Christey and in addition to excellent guitar playing by Gary Chandler; he is also a good singer. It isn't however until you reach 'Fanatic', a dreamy keyboard driven instrumental, overlaid by weeping Gilmouresque guitar virtuosity, that you realise how subtle yet unrelentant.'

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