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More Than Meets The Eye 25

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2CD Digipak

This is currently out of stock yet all songs are available to buy on Bandcamp at lossless CD quality. 


The 25th Anniversary Edition of ‘More than meets the eye’, is now available to order.

This 2 x CD Digipak has a new remix by Gary Chandler and CD2 has  newly recorded acoustic renditions of ‘Wonderful World’ and ‘G13’ as well as live desk versions of ‘The Beginning and the end’ and ‘This  Changing Face’, recorded in 1993. There are also 4 remastered songs from Medium Rare, ‘Follow Me To Salzburg’, 'All In One Day’, 'View From Above’ and ‘This Changing Face’ acoustic. These songs were the precursor to ‘More Than Meets The Eye’, so we decided it was worth including them in this Anniversary Collectors' Edition.

Disc 1

1. Sleepwalk

2. Hiding In The Corner

3. G. 13

4. Wonderful World

5. More Than Meets the Eye

6. The Beginning and the End

7. Holding Your Breath

Disc 2

1 . G13 - Acoustic Version - 2017

2 . Wonderful World - Acoustic Version - 2017

3 . The Beginning & The End - Live -  NL -1993

4 . This Changing Face - Live - NL - 1993


Remastered from Medium Rare

5 . Follow Me to Salzburg

6 . All In One Day

7 . View From Above

8 . This Changing Face - Acoustic Version

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