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More Than Meets The Eye - Special Edition

The re-issued and remastered release of the first studio album from Jadis. All songs are available to buy on Bandcamp at lossless CD quality and your choice of other formats, including AAC and MP3. The tracks are also available on iTunes by clicking here.

Album review below.

'Highly acclaimed 1st studio album from UK band Jadis, "More Than Meets The Eye" is one of those albums where everything clicked and in my opinion stands out above all the rest. Songs are incredibly delicious and offer great tempo and energy, no bones about it, this is one hell of a CD! Right from the off, if you're into prog rock you'll relish this! There are elements of Marillion, Hackett, Genesis, Kansas, Yes and It Bites in here, but the music is never a pastiche of those great artists and their sounds, but utilises the various musical styles and melds them together into a gorgeous and original whole! This is a lesson in commitment, skill and talent. Buy it now 'cos you'll never tire of listening to it! Brilliant!'

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