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The 6th studio album from Jadis, released in 2006. All songs are available to buy on Bandcamp at lossless CD quality and your choice of other formats, including AAC and MP3. The tracks are also available on iTunes by clicking here.


Review below.

'Photoplay is quite possibly their most rewarding work to date. Unlike its predecessor, it consists of independent songs rather than following a concept, and is put together with a strictly defined songwriting attitude.


Guitarist and vocalist Gary Chandler also took on the responsibility of mixing & producing Photoplay with impressive results. There are moments on the album where infinite numbers of threads are tied together combining dense atmospherics with gripping guitar arrangements.


Without doubt, the production on the album is their best yet. Unlike the more synth-driven earlier Jadis albums, Photoplay boasts lots of guitar-centred passages that are brilliantly mixed with rich melodies. "I Hear Your Voice" could be the definitive Photoplay song: it begins with floating Mellotron sounds that are married with a funky bass walk and rocking guitar melodies.'


Physical copies of the album are available to buy using the 'Buy Now' button below.

Physical CD - SOLD OUT. Available to download from iTunes and Bandcamp.

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