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See Right Through You

The 7th studio album from Jadis, released in 2012. All songs are available to buy on Bandcamp at lossless CD quality.

The Bandcamp digital download features the bonus track 'I Just Let It Happen' released by Gary Chandler in 2013.

Album review below.

'The excellent and long awaited studio album from UK band Jadis complete with all the hallmalks and traits that you could want and expect from this guitar led band interweaved with surprise twists and turns and full of guitar solos and melodies, memorable heavy riffs, compelling loops and percussion sections with dynamic song structures and sweeping keyboard soundscapes...this is an absolute must for the melodic and progressive rock fan.

This is the 7th studio album from Southampton modern progressive rockers Jadis and one that the main man Gary Chandler has been working on for some considerable time now. Whilst unmistakable in it's distinctive style, the content has shifted towards something a little bit different. It's certainly not heavy, but then I suppose they never have been, but these 8 tracks demonstrate all that is good about this band. Clever, thoughtful and very musical. No filler tracks here.


They have sometimes been viewed by prog purists as somewhere middle of the prog highway, but even if true, this is no bad thing if it distinguishes these boys from those who continue to churn out the same old goblins, jesters and mythical nonsense.


This album is very good indeed. It ticks all the boxes, fabulous guitar, nice vocals, melody with all the requisite progressive elements thrown in. It needs a few spins like any album that will stay with you for the long term, but if in any doubt at all just play the last title track which is nothing less than a pure master class in writing classical guitar rock. It really is about time that this band get the long overdue recognition that they deserve.'

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