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Live Session Recording

Last Friday Myself, Steve and Andy (Andy Marlow Studio) got together with Martin Orford at Steve's studio deep in the Hampshire countryside to record and film live two songs from the new album.

Martin Orford & Gary Chandler in the studio - December 2016

We played 'Listen to me' and 'Where am I' and It was great fun to play as a band again and also, while taking into account that the last time we played together was 4 years ago (!), I thought we sounded very good...even if I do say so myself.

I am mixing the audio at the moment and Lewis Chandler is working on the video side of it. The video will be used to promote the soon to be released Vinyl version of the album.

We also had a photographer from Teamrock come down to take some shots for a feature on Jadis in Prog Magazine, we will let you know what issue that is going to be in.

We are still getting some great reviews so thanks for that and keep them coming.

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