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The fourth studio album by Jadis. All songs are available to buy on Bandcamp at lossless CD quality.

Album review below.

'Excellent fourth cd from Jadis featuring 8 tracks which are written with a slightly different verse/chorus approach but still very much in the newer progressive genre featuring plenty of guitar leads & harmony vocals. This was the first CD offering from Jadis for the new millennium, recorded in Nomansland in the heart of the New Forest at the beginning of 2000, this was the 1st album to reunite the classic lineup of Gary chandler, Steve Christey, Martin Orford and John Jowitt, ‘Understand’ is somewhat more straightforward than some of their earlier discs and it works very very well and could be labelled as a symphonic, neo-progressive pop album. The music is a mix between Camel, Rush, Crowded House and Yes.'


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